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Below is a list of businesses operating in the Fertile area. If you would like to start-up a new business, or expand a current business in Fertile, please consider the Incubator program. The Incubator helps businesses by offering coaching/mentoring services as well as a progressive rent schedule. For more information, visit the Incubator page.

Name Phone Website Email
Advantage Business Solutions, Inc. 641-797-2022 Website Email
Beaver Creek Gardens 641-797-2336    
BMC Aggregates LLC (Basic Materials) 641-797-2211    
Brcka Construction 641-797-2304    
Bruns Brothers Farms 641-797-2203    
Burtness-Lundgren Plumbing & Heating 641-797-2680    
Callow’s Lawn Service 641-797-2523    
Fertile Valley Gardens 641-797-2810    
Hare Electric 641-797-2722    
Haugen Lawn Service 641-797-2662    
Kragel’s Christmas Trees and Traditions 641-797-2226    
Larsen Plumbing & Heating 641-797-2219 Website  
Little Tyke’s Child Day Care 641-797-2699    
Nettleton Excavating 641-797-2850    
Ouverson Insurance & Group Benefit SVCS 641-797-2100    
Paw Prints Pet Grooming & Boarding 641-797-2595    
Personal Touch Beauty Salon 641-797-2422    
Plastic Injection Molder’s, Inc. 641-797-2265    
Pronto Market 641-797-2200    
Rachut Brothers Packing Shed 641-797-2469    
Shyrock Racing Components, Inc. 641-797-2130    
Tom’s Electric 641-797-2223    
Voortek Parts 641-797-2150    

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