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City Council

City Council meetings: the 3rd Tuesday of each month at City Hall at 7PM

Name Home Phone Cell Phone
Joyce Russell (Mayor) 641-797-2274 641-590-1715 Email
Tad Miller (Mayor Pro-Tem) 641-797-2158 641-425-9250 Email
Ron Rachut 641-797-2811 641-420-6555 Email
Cindy Peters 641-797-2944 641-590-0131 Email
Holly Lovik-Hanna 641-797-2002 952-210-7580 Email
Nick Bailey 641-797-2293 641-580-0328 Email

City Council Committies

Committiee Members
Streets and Signs Nick Bailey, Cindy Peters
Water & Sewer Nick Bailey, Cindy Peters
Parks Cindy Peters, Holly Lovik-Hanna, Ron Rachut
Weeds & Garbage Holly Lovik-Hanna, Ron Rachut
Building Permits & Projects Tad Miller, Ron Rachut
Fertile Days Holly Lovik-Hanna, Ron Rachut
Housing Tad Miller
Winn-Worth-Betco Tad Miller & Ron Rachut

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