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Utility Information

Electricity Alliant Energy: 1-800-255-4268
Natural Gas Black Hills Energy: 1-888-890-5554
Telephone, Cable TV, and Internet WCTA: 1-800-592-6105
Water, Sewer, Garbage and Recycling City of Fertile: 641-797-2121

Utility Charges

  • The minimum charge for water is $22.95/month
  • The minimum charge for sewer is $22.95/month

Garbage and Recycling

  • Garbage is contracted with Waste Systems and the fee is collected by the City of
  • Garbage is picked up each Thursday
  • Recycling is picked up every other Thursday
  • The charge for recycling is $2.44/month
  • The charge for garbage is $12.43/month


Billing Dates

  • Utility Bills are mailed by the 5th of the month and due by the 25th to avoid a
    late charge
  • Bill payments may be left in the door slot of the City Maintenance Garage, 105 West Main Street

Utility Connection

  • Contact Steve Roberts, Maintenance Department, 797-2121 to have utilities started

Explanation of Billing

Meters read at 100 gallon marks. To find the actual gallons utilized, multiply your reading by 100.
Previous – last month’s meter reading
Present – current month’s meter reading
Read Date – date of most recent meter reading
Water Service – min. charge for available hook-up
Water Usage – actual 100 gallons of use
Sewer Service – min. charge for available hook-up
Sewer Usage – actual 100 gallons of usage
Garbage Removal – Waste Management cart rental
Recycling Fees – Federally mandated charge
Sales Tax – all charges for water are taxable as well as all commercial property sewer fees

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