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Checklist for Return Of Deposit

City of Fertile
3494 Eagle Avenue
PO Box 161
Fertile, Iowa 50434
Phone: (641) 797-2121
Fax: (641) 797-2123


  1. Take out all garbage.
  2. Cardboard must be flattened and stacked by garbage carts outside.
  3. Inspect all appliances in both kitchen and beverage area, must be clean.
  4. Empty out all refrigerators and freezers and leave clean.
  5. Any items used in the kitchen must be washed and put away.
  6. All decorations must be taken down and disposed of.
  7. Clean bathrooms and remove garbage.
  8. All tables and chairs must be racked and put away (unless you have paid the additional fee for this to be handled for you).
  9. Sweep and mop floors.
  10. Turn off all lights.
  11. Make sure ALL doors are locked.

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