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Decorating Guidelines

City of Fertile
3494 Eagle Avenue
PO Box 161
Fertile, Iowa 50434
Phone: (641) 797-2121
Fax: (641) 797-2123


  1. The rented area will be available to you the entire day of the event. If desired, and available, it may be made available the night before and/or the morning after, for set-up or tear-down. There is an additional charge for these options. Please confirm your time schedule, and make arrangements to get the keys, with the City Clerk or Mayor during the week before the event.
  2. Streamers or other decorations shall be hung with pre-approved adhesives only. These adhesives will be available for purchase at City Hall. Please note that staples, nails, duct tape, 2-faced tape or thumb tacks are not allowed.
  3. Helium balloons are allowed as long as they are weighted.
  4. Table decorations or free standing decorations are preferred.
  5. Lighted candles must be in glass containers, such as votive lights or hurricane lamps.
  6. Glitter, rice, confetti, or any other like materials are not permitted.
  7. No bird seed, bubbles or bubble machines are permitted inside, but may be used outside.
  8. Renter is required to remove and properly dispose of all decorations.

Failure to comply with these rules could result in your deposit not being refunded.

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